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May 26, 2014 - Bandit Farley - Movin On video shoot

Bandit Farley (Bandit Farley) is a country rapper from Oklahoma that seen my work and wanted to come to Houston to shoot with me. This made me feel like my work is improving because  someone is willing to drive 7hours just to shoot with me. I knew I had to step my game up. He also has a feature artist Michael Shield (Michael Shield) that was singing on the Chorus. I talked to the artist 2 weeks in advanced with a layout of locations and story line to shoot the video "Movin On". He was in town for only one day so we had allot to do. We started at 7am downtown Houston at the metro rail station where we rented a military unit for the scene. When I met the guys, they were so down to earth and real easy to work with.  It was hard to keep him in acting mode because we kept joking around. The second scene was at a beautiful flower shop on Fanin St. were we purchased flowers in the scene. The next location were at a railroad track to get some performance shots. Due to time we shot straight to Acadia Bar & Grill to get the bar scenes we needed. The closing shots were at a mansion with model Marbella Sandoval (Marbella Sandoval) playing the role of a cheating girlfriend. After 12 hours in, We did the last scene at the Botanic Gardens in which the artist started falling in love the model lol the whole video was shot with a Canon C300 with a 70-200 lense. We also had a Mark III with a 50mm prime on set with Adrian Arreola (Adrian Arreola) behind the camera for those extra shots. The video was a success and already talking on working on a second project called CHEVY LOVE .

Teaser of Bandit Farley

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